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310 West Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 1200 West
Milwaukee WI, 53203
Phone: 414-921-1660

Positions Available:


Captel is currently seeking full time and part time captioning assistants.

Similar to closed captioning that you see on the TV, our Captioning Assistants (CAs) provide captions for telephone conversations. The CapTel phone works like any other phone, but with one important difference: It shows you every word the other party says throughout the conversation. The captions are displayed on a CapTel phone, PC, or mobile device.

The captions are provided using cutting edge speech recognition technology (also known as speech-to-text). Instead of typing everything that they hear, our CAs use their voices to repeat everything they hear which is transmitted into text on the display of the captioning device. Some typing is involved.

To learn more about the captioning assistant position and to watch a video showing our Captioning Assistants and CapTel phone in action, please click here.

Directions to Milwaukee CapTel office

Our call center is located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, next to Grand Avenue Mall. If you drive, you have two parking choices:

  1. You can park in the Grand Avenue parking structure (275 W. Wisconsin Ave.), which is easily entered from 2nd Street or Plankinton, between Wisconsin Avenue and Michigan Avenue.
  2. You can drive around 310 W. Wisconsin Ave. and look for street, metered parking, which is a less expensive alternative!

If you park in the Grand Ave. parking structure, take the elevator, steps or escalators to the ground level and walk toward the information desk/front entrance to the mall. Go outside through the doors directly behind the Information Desk. Stay to the left side, in front of Office Max and cross the street heading into the huge blue building with the black stone sculptures in front.

Regardless of where you park, enter the tall, bright-blue building, 310 West Wisconsin Ave. Go through security on the ground level then head to the elevators to the left of the security station for the west tower. Utilize the elevators on the right only, which will allow you access to the 12th floor! Take the elevator to the 12th floor, and then exit the elevators to the left heading to the center of the atrium. Turn right to Suite 1200.

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