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CapTel Dial-in Numbers

Calling a CapTel 840 / 800 / 200 user?

Make sure that they get captions during your phone call! Dial the following toll free phone number first, then enter the CapTel user’s phone number, in order for them to see captions.

Toll Free1-877-243-2823
Federal CapTel Users 1-888-801-7210
Spanish-to-Spanish Captioning: 1-866-217-3362
California Residents (non-Federal): 1-866-399-9050
California Spanish-to-Spanish: 1-866-399-9090
Texas Residents (non-Federal): 1-800-933-5129
Texas Spanish-to-Spansh: 1-800-933-5417

If you are calling long distance to reach a CapTel user, be sure to register your long distance calling service with CapTel Customer Service.