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Power Outage / Reset

The CapTel phone requires electrical power to work. If your home or office loses power due to inclement weather or some other unexpected power outage, your phone will automatically reset when the power comes back on.

Reset Your CapTel Phone
Internet Models (CapTel 840i/880i/2400i)

If you have difficulty connecting to the Internet after a power outage, it may be helpful to “reset” your CapTel phone once the power comes back on. To reset:

  1. Unplug your CapTel phone from the AC power adapter.
  2. Turn off the Router and turn off your Internet modem.
  3. Wait one minute, then turn on the modem (make sure it is fully reset, with lights glowing steadily). Next, turn on the Router, making sure it is fully reset.
  4. Plug in the CapTel AC adapter - all in that order.
  5. Wait for the logo screen to appear.

Be aware: Some older CapTel models may lose conversations stored in memory when the power is lost.

Storms & Power Surges

Alternatives When Electricity is Unavailable

The CapTel phone requires electrical power to work. In case of a power outage:

Remember: CapTel 2400i / 840i / 880i require Internet access to provide captions. Your local home networking expert should be able to answer questions about battery backup units for your Internet access.

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