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Knowing When the Phone Line is Already in Use

When the Line in Use feature is on, the CapTel display lets you know when an extension phone, connected to the same telephone number, is being used. This is helpful in environments where there are multiple phones on the same telephone line, to alert you so that you do not accidently pick up and dial when a different call is already in progress. To join the call in progress, simply pick up the CapTel handset. The call will automatically connect to the Captioning Service, and you will see captions on the CapTel display. The default setting for Line in Use is OFF.

NOTE: When Line in Use is OFF, you cannot join a call in progress by simply picking up the CapTel handset. You must rst press one of the dial pad keys to connect the call to the Captioning Service. Once connected, you will see captions of the call in progress.

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