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Calling and Answering using a CapTel 840i

Dialing a Phone Number Directly

  1. Lift the handset.
  2. Before you dial, make sure the CAPTIONS button is turned on (red light on). If it is not on, press the CAPTIONS button
  3. As you dial, the display screen shows the status as your CapTel phone connects to the captioning service, letting you know when captions are ready.
  4. Listen or watch the signal meter to know when someone answers. Watch the display screen for captions. Begin your conversation as you normally would.

    When you are done with your call, hang up the handset.
TIP: Remember to dial 1+ area code if the number you are calling is long distance.

Answering an Incoming Call

  1. 1. When your CapTel phone rings, the display will light up to alert you to an incoming call.

    NOTE: If you have Caller ID service, you will see the name and/or the phone number of the person calling.
  2. Pick up the handset, and answer the call as you normally would.
  3. Listen or watch the signal meter for a response. Watch the display screen for captions.
TIP: If you answer on an extension telephone and want to get captions, just pick up the CapTel handset, press any of the number keys, and press the CAPTIONS button to tun on the captions. Your CapTel phone will connect to the Captioning Service, and you will be able to view captions of the call on the CapTel display screen.

NOTE: Remember to also press the CAPTIONS button when you are using Speed Dial buttons or dialing a number through the CapTel Phone Book.

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