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What are the benefits of 2-Line CapTel?

Any incoming call can be captioned...
even unexpected calls from a doctor's office, the kids' school, or casual acquaintances.

People call your phone number directly...
Callers don't need to dial the captioning service first, and you still get captions. No need to remember/give out a different phone number.

Captions can be turned on or off...
at any point in the call.

Captions are available for every type of call...
including emergency 9-1-1 calls or calls through relay service.

You can use special calling features...
such as Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, or other services available through your telephone provider.

2-Line CapTel supports star codes...
for things such as *69 automatic dial-back and some voice mail services.

At work, you can easily dial inter-office extensions...
and still receive captions.

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